Baby Reviews

If you really want to know about our products, listen to the true experts. The ones that get slathered with this stuff every day. The ones in the bath tubs filled with bubbles every night. You know, the innocent, adorable ones who don’t know how to lie yet. That’s right trust US…the Baby Bums.

Disclaimer: We were not bribed with candy, toys or bahbahs in exchange for positive reviews. 🙂

Hi Parents,

Thanks for wanting to send us your Baby Bum Product Review. We hate rules but unfortunately there are always a few.

Rule #1: NO NUDITY. This means anything below the waist, as well as girls above the waist. We know this rule stinks because we hate clothes too, but please keep us little ones covered with bubbles or swimwear or clothing during video time.

Rule #2: NO TALKING. Let your kid do the talking. You can prompt ‘em with questions, if you want, but then just put a sock in it and let ‘em get on a roll and stay quiet behind the camera. If your little bambino only speaks unintelligible gibberish, awesome! We understand baby talk and will translate what your baby says with subtitles.

Rule #3: NO STALKING. We’ll send you an acknowledgement when we receive your video and if we use it on our site we’ll send you some product love and goodies as a special thanks.

Rule #4: NO BAD VIBES. Don’t get all stage mom or dad on us if your video doesn’t make the cut. Just have FUN making it because that’s all our kids care about anyway. Good Vibes Only. 🙂

Send your videos to:

[email protected]

Please include your child’s first name and age.

By sending us (Baby Bum) your video, you release full permission to publish them on and potentially in Baby Bum social media for the entire big rad world to enjoy. Thanks for the love, BB


Bubble Bath, Shampoo & Wash

5/5 Bananas


Bubble Bath

5/5 Bananas


Shampoo & Wash

5/5 Bananas


SPF 50 Sunscreen

1/5 Bananas


Shampoo & Wash

4.5/5 Bananas

Risen & Rysen

SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion

4/5 Bananas

Chai And The Cousins

Sunscreen Lotion Tube, Sunscreen Face Stick and Everyday Lotion Tube

5/5 Bananas


SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Stick

4/5 Bananas


Bubble Bath

3/5 Bananas


Diaper Rash Cream

4/5 Bananas